Adrienne (aineartemis) wrote,

Snow before spring break >.

I complain a lot about snow, I realize this. Naturally, I also happen to live in the wrong state to hate snow. .yet lets not forget Utah is also a desert - which is my preferred weather type. Then again - I don't think I would hate snow so much if I didn't have to drive in it. Nuff said ^^;

A lot of us in the dorm have been all play and little work. Most likely due to the fact our heavily anticipated break is just around the corner (you can tell how much we've been looking forward to spring break, because I constantly keep talking about it!). I should stop procrastinating, ne?

I should start looking into learning how to do layouts since I'm going to stay on paid LJ. I've just been too lazy lately and need to get out of this funk of not wanting to do anything -_-
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